Assistance in creating a concept of the office arrangement and social spaces with the consideration of mutual relations between departments and good functioning of the office.

  • Analysis of the company’s needs and creating guidelines to making the project of the interior arrangement.
  • Creating a diagram of the structural network
  • Analysis of the lighting’s efficiency
  • Analysis of capability of using existing equipment
  • Analysis of capability of air-conditioning/ventilation system
  • Analysis of outfitting materials used in the building
  • Analysis of capability of controlling access to the building
  • Mutual connections of elements

The arrangement can be based on possessed resources as well as with using new, modern systems of partitions by Triplan and custom-made furniture.

Creating an initial and detailed cost estimate of the planned project– offering various price thresholds depending on the materials used as well as the investor’s budget.

Coordination of the project based on arrangements of industry projects (such as air-conditioning, electirical systems, computers, sanitary) so they don’t interfere with the structural works of the office and comply with applied norms (BHP, Sanepid, fire-fighting).

Executioin in every kind of industry

  • construction
  • electric
  • structural network installations
  • ventilation and air-conditioning
  • sanitary installations
  • custom-made furniture
Construction plans with helmet and drawing tools on blueprints
detail shot of Architectural blueprints.

Supervision on the construction site and coordination of work

  • continual technical supervision over ongoing projects
  • verification of the project’s progress with the schedule of work to be realized
  • ongoing verification of the project with the investor’s expectations

Delivery and assembly of stationery

  • full system partitions- Triplan
  • glass partitions- Triplan
  • assistance in choice of office furniture
  • antielectrostatic floor coverings
  • custom-made furniture
Shipment Van Delivery. Men Reloading Cargo From the Van. Shipping and Logistic Theme.