Our professional team has been working in the construction industry for 30 years. We specialize in comprehensive final outfitting especially in commercial buildings. We have realized offices for several dozen companies in many office buildings in Warsaw. Our high-quality projects are always completed on time, thanks to which we have established a steady position in the market of investments made in Warsaw.


We have been representing the Danish company Triplan International A/S since the year 2000. Triplan International A/S is the producer of the system of modular office partitions- Triplan, which is known worldwide. This move- the combination of our experience in the market along with modern technology
has allowed us to become one of the trendsetters of modern-day office arrangements. European solutions have appeared in office spaces in Warsaw, Cracow, Wrocław and other cities. Long, dark hallways have been fitted with glass walls, improving the offices’ image drastically. Offices have become bright, full of light and colors.


Taking care of the quality of our services along with keeping up-to-date with changing market trends allows us to continually meet our clients’ expectations.<
We cooperate with renowned designing companies and well-known designers. Our experience supported by our professionalism in our work allows us to realize the most challenging engineering projects.

We help our clients to realize the office of their dreams. Starting from the stage of the project we suggest interesting solutions as well as innovative materials. Together with our clients we create a new work environment, which allows them to succeed in the marketplace.